Marietta Square Market: A hub for diverse dining

Elites Explore Marietta Square Market

Article from “YELP”

“All aboard! Yelp Elites explored Marietta Square Market… through their stomachs! Marietta Square Market is an inspired food hall featuring 18 active restaurants. The Market is located in a revitalized warehouse space in the Historic Marietta Square District adjacent to the Square’s iconic railroad tracks. Its well preserved charm and design are a celebration of the long history and unique legacy of downtown Marietta.

The Yelp Elite Event was structured as a scavenger hunt. Elites were divided into small groups and assigned a group number. Each group received their own scavenger hunt schedule with breaks in between to allow them to eat safely outside. With their schedules in hand, Elites ventured on a journey through the market making 12 different delicious stops along the way. Elites received the opportunity to sample over 15 different items. They worked their way from pizza to BBQ to bulgogi to ice cream and more! A lot more.

Here are some highlights from that special evening on September 28:

Everyone at every restaurant really made a fantastic effort to make sure we were all taken care of.  It was really a very special and unique event.  I want to thank all the restaurant staff for working so hard, even staying later than usual hours to make this evening so amazing.


This event was by far the best event I’ve attended. The scavenger hunt was a great touch by the way… I definitely will go and visit each place individually that stuck out.


Let me start by saying that everything I tried was good. There was so much food that I had to bring home the last three servings – much to my husband’s delight!  I was also impressed with the service at each place. Many went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and their food a memorable experience.


Read more about the five-star experience here. We want to give a special thanks to Marietta Square Market and the 12 participating merchants: Bullgogi, Crème de la Crepe, D’Cuban, Forno Vero, Four Fat Cows, Henri’s Bakery, Just Loaf’n, Lucky’s, Momoiro, Philly and Wrap, PONKO, and Smokehouse Q. It was a fun and filling event!”

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