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Visitors to Marietta Square Market are treated to a view of the Market’s iconic trolley car on prominent display. This 1922 curved side streetcar by the Cincinnati Car Company is the same type operated by the Atlanta Northern Railway between Marietta and Atlanta from 1905 through 1944. Faithfully restored by local businessman and rail enthusiast Gary F. Eubanks down to its original “Flamingo Red” and cream paint, it is one of only four known cars of this type still in existence. Originally more than 40 feet in length the trolley has been shortened to fit its new home at the Market and now takes on a new life as a one-of-a-kind food trolley. The trolley is displayed courtesy of James Eubanks, Atlanta Northern Traction Co., LLC.


Marietta Square Market | Original Trolley Car on the streets of Marietta SquareStreetcars like the one displayed at Marietta Square Market were used by Georgia Power and its subsidiary, the Atlanta Northern Railway Company, on lines linking Marietta and Atlanta. At the time of its opening, the Atlanta Northern was the largest interurban electric railway in the South with 41 stops along approximately 18 miles of tracks. The total fare was 35 cents to ride from Marietta to Atlanta, and the trip took about 50 minutes. During World War II, the Marietta line acted as a crucial link to the Bell Bomber Plant (the site now home to Lockheed Martin) where thousands of residents worked to assemble B-29 Super Fortress bomber planes for the American air forces.


Marietta Square Market | Original Trolley CarAfter the war as automobiles became more prevalent, electric streetcar lines gave way to buses, and the last electric streetcar on the Atlanta Northern Railway ran from Downtown Atlanta to Marietta Square on January 31, 1947.


Concordia Properties | Developer at Marietta Square Market

Concordia Properties

Founded in 1985, Concordia Properties is a privately held, Atlanta-based real estate company. As a Southeast developer and land use consultant, Concordia specializes in neighborhood retail and mixed-use projects. The firm develops prime locations, securing the optimal retail mix and providing superior property management. Quality design and an unparalleled focus on architecture and underwriting, combined with the ability to solve complex issues, have earned Concordia a reputation for delivering well-conceived and executed real estate developments. The firm’s success can be attributed to its long-standing relationships with national and regional retailers, as well as a stellar track record of collaboration with neighborhood associations and local government entities.

Creative Culinary Ventures | Developer at Marietta Square Market

Creative Culinary Ventures
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Creative Culinary Ventures crafts unique culinary destinations thoughtfully adapted to local communities to benefit restaurateurs, real estate developers, and distinctive retail concepts. In each of its food hall or market concepts, Creative Culinary Ventures strives to blend food, fun and social experiences in an authentic built atmosphere that is organically adapted to the local history and market – reflecting our singular dedication to creating places out of spaces.