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Marietta Square Market: Coming Soon EggRoll Boyz

[MARIETTA, GA] – Marietta Square Market is pleased to announce the newest addition to its diverse culinary offerings. Opening soon, EggRoll Boyz will bring a flavorful twist to the Market and add to downtown Marietta’s thriving culinary scene.


“We are thrilled to have such a creative concept come to Marietta Square Market,” says Ed Lee, Partner at Marietta Square Market and Principal at Capital Properties Group. “We believe an elevated experience and an array of dining choices sets us apart as a food hall destination. We are strategically choosing new concepts that fit with the lifestyle and desires of our diners that include a range of options that you can’t get everywhere else.” 


EggRoll Boyz was founded by a group of local chefs, foodies, and explorers. With roots in restaurant ownership and a rich history of serving at iconic music festivals, EggRoll Boyz brings a fusion of global flavors to its menu. Featuring over 20 different gourmet egg rolls, the menu offers varying flavors such as BBQ, Bayou, Buffalo, Cajun, Chicken Philly, Fiesta, Gumbo, Jalapeno, Gumbo, Pizza, Burger, Lobster, Taco, Salmon, Veggie, Alfredo and more. 

EggRoll Boyz’s commitment to delivering exceptional flavors aligns seamlessly with Marietta Square Market’s dedication to providing an exciting culinary journey for its patrons. Marietta Square Market eagerly anticipates the fresh flavor that EggRoll Boyz will bring to the Marietta food scene.

Marietta Square Market is a dynamic food hall located in the heart of downtown Marietta, Georgia, offering a diverse assortment of culinary experiences. With a commitment to showcasing local flavors and fostering a sense of community, Marietta Square Market continues to be a popular destination for food enthusiasts. Marietta Square Market is located at 68 N. Marietta Parkway NW, Marietta, GA 30060.

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