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Marietta Square Market

Enjoy locally sourced bio plant-based food and drinks in a cozy atmosphere. Make a difference with every meal!

  • family-run, locally sourced, planet and animal friendly
  • 100% bio, plant-based, sustainable and organic
  • cooking courses, books, and free recipes

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A little something about us.

Located in downtown Marietta in Historic Marietta Square, the Market is situated in a revitalized warehouse space adjacent to the Square’s iconic railroad tracks. Its architecture, interiors, and standout trolley all celebrate the long history and unique legacy of downtown Marietta. Marietta Square Market is the perfect dining destination for families and friends! We offer outdoor and indoor dining, take-out, and order ahead options to satisfy any appetite.

Opening Hours
10.30 AM – 11.30 PM


Chia House, 7 Wood Square, LA, US


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8. February 2022

Happy Tuesday


Enjoy our delicious cruelty-free meals and get a 30% discount on selected healthy drinks.

14. March 2022

Cooking Show


Live cooking with the award-winning chef Chris Noodles. Get inspired and taste amazing new dishes.

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