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  • 10 of our favorite kid-friendly places to eat in metro Atlanta
    Article from “Atlanta Magazine” Article by: Carly Cooper, See full article here.  Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. So, you decide to take the family to dinner. Seems like a great idea, right? Then the food takes too long, and one child rejects their chicken fingers … Read more
  • Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar Top 10 Coffee in Marietta!
    Article from “Brooksy” ARTICLE BY: NICHOLAS DUNEHEW, See full article here. A fixture of the bustling Marietta Square Market – which occupies a wonderfully revitalized warehouse adjacent to the railroad tracks – and a huge favorite with all ages, Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar serves up the fun with Award-Winning Bubble … Read more
    Article from “Atlanta Journal-Constitution” POST BY: Henri Hollis, see full article here. It isn’t Grand Central Station, but Marietta’s busy, train station-themed food hall sees plenty of traffic. Open since early 2019, Marietta Square Market has 18 vendors and space for two more. Impressively, most of the original tenants survived … Read more
  • B.A.D. Gyal Vegan opening next month in Marietta Square Market
    Article from “Atlanta Journal-Constitution”  POST BY: Yvonne Zusel Plant-based Jamaican food concept B.A.D. Gyal Vegan is set to debut at Marietta Square Market April 2, in conjunction with the food hall’s third anniversary. The anniversary party will feature outdoor food and drink tents, live music from 5-8 p.m. and gift card … Read more