At Marietta Square Market Food Hall

Shai Karr

In Thai, “Shai Karr” is the part of a roof that extends from the house providing protection from the sun and rain. In traditional Thai homes, there is often an outdoor kitchen under the “Shai Karr” In the evening, here you’ll find happy neighbors, friends, and families gathering and relaxing; catching up on the latest news, watching the kids play, and enjoying one another’s a company, and of course, the sumptuous food. To us, Shai Karr is a welcome retreat into the essence of warmth and hospitality; home-style cooking that is best enjoyed with those we cherish. So we trust that your family will come and joy ours and that you, as our special guest, will fully enjoy our recipes which are prepared with love.

Menu items include Spring Rolls, Fried Calamari, Papaya Salad, Pad Thai Noodles, and much more to cater to their Marietta-based foodies!

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